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Delhi Crime – Netflix Season 1 Review

With police forces stretched and opportunist thugs taking advantage, a horrific incident on board a bus in Delhi is the tipping point for the city, throwing India into a state of outrage and shock.

22nd March, 2019
delhi crime

Explained: How International Emmy winner ‘Delhi Crime’ came into being

India's win at the 48th International Emmy Awards was born "out of sadness, anger, frustration, and ultimately, compassion," says its creator Richie Mehta.

25th November, 2020
delhi crime

Firstpost at Sundance: Netflix's Delhi Crime reconstructs 2012 gang-rape case with sensitivity, not sensationalism

Though the incident Delhi Crime addresses happened over six years ago, it does not limit the urgency of the show's narrative.

18th March, 2019
delhi crime

‘Delhi Crime’ trailer: Police swing into action in Netflix series based on 2012 gangrape-murder

Starring Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal and Adil Hussain, the crime drama will be out on March 22.

11th March, 2019
delhi crime

‘Delhi Crime Story’: TV Review | Sundance 2019

Netflix's 'Delhi Crime Story' shows the importance of context in keeping the police procedural genre from going stale.

05th February, 2015
delhi crime

Delhi Crime Review: Netflix Show Based On Nirbhaya Gangrape Is A Knockout Punch

Delhi Crime Review: This is a riveting tale because this harrowing re-enactment of a chilling crime is more than a police procedural.

18th March, 2019
delhi crime

Delhi Crime Review: A Riveting Cocktail Of Unknown Triumph And Widely-Known Tragedy

It's the tiny infusions of well-informed opinion into what is essentially dramatic long-read reportage that make Delhi Crime one hell of a ride

21st March, 2019
delhi crime

Delhi Crime review: Gut-wrenching, shocking; the best Indian Netflix show since Sacred Games

Delhi Crime review: Wrenching, shocking; the best Indian Netflix show since Sacred Games.

22nd March, 2019
delhi crime

‘Delhi Crime Story’ Review: One of India’s Most Heinous Attacks Is Netflix’s Next Addictive Thriller

An expertly told, hard-to-watch true crime series, "Delhi Crime Story" won't be for everyone — but it won't let go of anyone who watches.

30th January, 2019
delhi crime

Delhi Crime writer-director Richie Mehta on what it took to put together the International Emmy winning show

For Richie Mehta, writing and researching Delhi Crime is a four-year-long labour of love and research of the blood curdling 2012 gang rape and murder investigation.

1st December, 2020

Delhi Crime a turning point in my life: Shefali Shah

In Delhi Crime, Shefali Shah played Vartika Chaturvedi, a character that was based on former Delhi Police DCP Chaya Sharma, who cracked the case of the brutal gang-rape within 72 hours.

25th November, 2020